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How to Switch from Another Podcast Host to Podpal (General)
How to Switch from Another Podcast Host to Podpal (General)

Step-by-step instructions on how to move your podcast hosting from your current host to Podpal via a 301 Redirect.

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Before you can move your podcast from your old host, you'll want to make sure you've imported your existing podcast into Podpal. This video explains what it means to import and redirect your feed:

**Please note: Before you can import your podcast into Podpal, you may need to update the owner email settings at your old host.

Switching your host from any host to Podpal is easy and only takes a few minutes! After you've imported your podcast, follow these few steps to set up a 301 redirect from your old host account to make your move official:

  • Log in to your account at your old host

  • Find the "301 Redirect Request" in account or billing settings

  • Paste your new Podpal RSS feed into the box that says "Feed Redirect URL" or "New Feed URL"

  • "Save" to your settings.

  • If requested, provide confirmation that you want to move your feed to Podpal.

**Please note these steps are general and may change depending on your current podcast host.

Please reference our other articles for specific steps on how to switch to Podpal from the following podcast hosts:

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