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Switch from Blubrry to Podpal

Step-by-step instructions on how to move your podcast hosting from Blubrry to Podpal via a 301 Redirect.

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Importing your Podcast into Podpal

Before you can move your podcast from Blubrry, you'll want to make sure you've imported your existing podcast into Podpal. This video explains what it means to import and redirect your feed:

**Please note: Before you can import your podcast into Podpal, you may need to update the owner email settings in Blubrry.

Redirecting your RSS Feed from Blubrry to Podpal

If you would like to redirect your RSS feed from Blubrry to Podpal visit this help article which explains the steps you'll need to take from Blubrry.

Do you need more help?

If you have any trouble along the way, please use the Contact Us button to reach out for help!

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