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How to Import Your RSS Feed into Podpal
How to Import Your RSS Feed into Podpal

Step-by-step guide for migrating your podcast episodes and data from an old host to Podpal.

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1. Copy & Paste Your RSS Feed

Migrating your show is as easy as copying your RSS Feed and pasting it into our importing tool.

2. Confirm You are the Podcast Owner

As part of the import process, Podpal will send a confirmation code to the Podcast Owner to be sure that someone other than the Podcast Owner is not attempting to import the podcast.

The 6-digit confirmation code will be sent to the 'Owner Email' that is embedded in the incoming RSS Feed URL.

Locating & Updating the Owner Email Setting at my Old Host

It is essential that you update the 'Owner Email' address setting at your old host to be an email address that you have access to PRIOR TO attempting to import your podcast into Podpal. You must be able to access the owner's email in order to retrieve the 6-digit code and confirm that you actually own the podcast you're attempting to move.

Some hosts make it more difficult than others to locate and update the 'Owner Email' setting. Here's some additional info if you're moving from the following hosts:

  • How to update my owner email setting in Buzzsprout

Podcast Managers & Agencies

If you're a Podcast Manager or Agency managing a client's podcast with Podpal, make sure that the client is able to provide you with the 6-digit confirmation code. Alternatively, your client could create a Podpal account, import their podcast, then add you to their team as a collaborator to provide you access to their show.

3. Import Your Episodes

After you provide your RSS feed and confirm you own the show, we’ll start importing your episodes & data.

To make your Podpal the official source for all future updates to your podcast, you will need to request a 301 Redirect from your old hosting provider. To make it easy, we've created helpful articles to help you switch from some of the most popular hosts:

4. Start Using Podpal

Within seconds, we’ll move your podcast to Podpal so you can continue podcasting stress-free!

Do you need more help?

If you have any trouble along the way, please use the Contact Us button to reach out for help!

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