How to Add a New Podcast

Learn how to add a new podcast in Podpal.

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This article covers how to start a podcast from scratch. If you’re importing an existing podcast, check out our article that covers the import process.

If you havent added a podcast before, you’ll be prompted to add your first

when you arrive on the My Podcasts screen. On Pro and Agency plans, you can add more podcasts from this screen or in the sidebar podcast switcher.

From the My Podcasts dashboard, click the Start a New Podcast button.

Upload Your Podcast Artwork

By default, this is the artwork that will display on every podcast episode you publish. Hover over any information icons to see helpful tips about dimensions, format, and file type restrictions.

Fill Out Your Podcast Description

Be descriptive and let your future audience know what kind of awesome content they can expect.

Select a Podcast Profile URL

Podpal will automatically generate a landing page for your podcast using this information. If your podcast name is already taken, try using different variations and make sure to share your new page with your friends and fans.

Choose a Podcast Format

Most podcasts are audio-based, but if youre launching a video podcast

and have a supporting plan, you can select the video option instead.

Complete Your Podcast Settings

Make sure to fill out your podcast details accurately. All of this information is critical in helping podcast listeners find your content. Podcast platforms group and order your content based on podcast settings like:

  • Show Type

  • Episode Grouping

  • Episode Numbering

Hover over any information icon to learn more.

Add ownership and author details

This information is not displayed on your profile, but can be used to help verify podcast ownership and add a layer of protection if others try to publish your content.

Finalize Your Podcast Settings

Review your podcast details for accuracy, but don't worry, you can always make updates by visiting your Podcast Settings. Click Add Podcast and you’re all set!

After adding your podcast, you can add additional details using the Advanced Settings or exit to the My Podcasts dashboard.

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