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How to Add a New Episode

Learn how to add a new episode in Podpal

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After you’ve added a podcast to Podpal, there are multiple ways to add an episode. From the My Podcasts page, you can:

  • Click the 3 dots on any podcast card and select Add Episode

  • Click the Add Episode button in the main sidebar

Set or Change Your Podcast Artwork

For each episode you create, you have the option to use your podcast artwork or upload a custom design that will display on the episode currently being created.

Fill Out Your Episode Details

Make sure to title your episode and give it a sequential episode number, so it can display in the correct order. If you chose for you podcast to be ordered by seasons,

then make sure to add the correct season number to this episode.

Categorize your content even further by adding a custom label to the episode. This label is only used in Podpal and will not be visible to podcast platforms.

Select your episode type, so podcast platforms know how to organize and order your content. If you need to learn more about a specific setting, you can hover over on any information icon.

Upload Your Episode Recording

Podpal takes common podcast audio formats like M4A and MP3, and several video formats.

We store your uploads for you, so if you’ve added other files before, you’ll have the option to connect them to this episode by selecting My Recordings as your source. To upload from a device, select My Computer.

If you’re still preparing your episode, don’t worry, you can add your final recording to your episode before publishing.

Schedule Your Release Date

Next, use Podpal’s scheduler to choose a target release date and time for your episode. When you schedule to publish for later, your episode card will display how many days you have left until release.

If you’ve published this episode in the past, you can find the date and time under Last Published. Select Modify Date to make any changes to the published date.

After publishing, you’ll also have access to the Episode URL which links you directly to the episode’s page in Podpal. This page includes a media player and your show notes. Share this with friends and fans, so they can listen to your awesome content!

Finalize Your Episode Details

Review your episode details and settings for accuracy. Updates to settings and the release date can still be made after adding an episode.

Click Add Episode, and you’re all set!

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