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FAQ's when moving your podcast to Podpal
FAQ's when moving your podcast to Podpal

Answers to common questions for those considering switching their podcast host to Podpal.

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We know that your podcast is your baby, and you don't want to lose any important content when you switch. It's natural to have some hesitations, but hopefully these FAQs will calm your nerves so you can make the move to Podpal confidently!

1) Will I lose my current subscribers?

No. Our migration service will make sure that you keep all of your current subscribers on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts (and other platforms you’re registered with). Your listeners will continue getting your latest episodes via your Podpal RSS Feed.

2) Can I still access my podcast analytics?

Yes. You can still access your podcast analytics at your old host. Just log in to your old host, and download/export your data before you switch to Podpal.

For now, your new analytics will be accessible via the podcast platforms your show is registered with (i.e. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.).

In the near future, podcast data & audience insights will be available on your Podpal dashboard!

3) What happens to my old RSS Feed URL?

After completing your 301 Redirect, your old RSS Feed URL will still be active for a period of time at your old host. However, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts will look at your Podpal RSS Feed for updated information and new episodes.

4) Do I have to re-register my Podpal RSS Feed with podcast platforms (Apple, Google, Spotify)?

No. Any platforms that your old RSS Feed was previously registered with will be carried over to Podpal. You’ll just need to provide your URL for those platforms so that your podcast website can display the links to your show.

If your podcast was not previously registered with a particular platform, you will need to submit your Podpal RSS Feed to get your podcast listed.

5) Do I have to continue paying my old host?

Of course not! Once you’ve completed the podcast migration and 301 Redirect process, you can cancel your subscription with your old host.

That said, we recommend waiting 30-days after completing the 301 Redirect process before you cancel, just to be safe.

6) Does Podpal own my content?

No, we don’t own any content that you upload to Podpal. You worked hard on building your brand, we understand how important that is!

Please refer to our Terms of Service if you have more questions about your content.

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